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Using Scalate with popular web frameworks

are lots of different (web) frameworks out there to suit all tastes and requirements.

Scalate with the Play Framework. Play focuses on developer productivity and targets RESTful architectures.


Jog stands for JAXRS/Jersey on Guice. Jog is a way of using Scalate with JAXRS for the RESTful controller layer along with Guice for dependency injection.

Scalate with the Lift framework. Lift is a popular Scala based web framework with particularly powerful Comet support.

Scalatra is a tiny, Sinatra-like web framework for Scala

OSGi is a module system and service platform for the Java programming language, used by e.g. Apache Karaf

Scalate with the Spring MVC framework. Spring MVC is a flexible MVC web application framework, built on core Spring functionality.

Don't see your favorite web framework on the list? Then, take a look at the Scalate Embedding Guide and see if you can be the first to add Scalate support to your favorite framework.