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Source Repository

Scalate stores its source code in a Git repository hosted on github at this location:

If you are new to Git you might like to try the Git guide for subversion users or have a look at the Git community book.

How to Checkout

Read only access to the repository is available at the following URL:

  • git://

You must first install a Git client. Then you clone the repository using the following:

git clone git://
  cd scalate

Now you probably want to try build the scalate code

Committer access

Project members can push to the repository using the following URL:


You must first install a Git client. Then you clone the repository using the Git URL:

git clone
  cd scalate

Contributing patches

If you are not yet a committer but want to contribute some patch (we love contributions!) here's how you can submit patches

New to GitHub?

We track patches by using GitHub. GitHub makes it easy to fork the project, and for the project team to monitor the progress of those forks and easily merge those forks back into the mainline. To get started with GitHub:

Already a GitHub User?

  • go to the Scalate github page and follow the Forking Guide to get your own copy of the project.
  • hack your copy as much as you like, pushing your local changes back to your git repo on github.

Once your happy with your changes, notify us that that your want your changes merged back:

When a ticket is created in JIRA it automatically sends an email to the commit mailing list but an email always helps alert folks (as lots of emails are generated from every change to every JIRA).

Next steps

Once you have checked out the code try following