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A detailed walk through Scalate and how to use it.



Reference for the Jade template language. Jade is a modified dialect of Haml and is a very DRY template engine for generating HTML; its even a little DRYer than Scaml


Reference for the Mustache template language. Mustache provides logic-less templates which also work inside the browser using mustache.js - so ideal for HTML templates


Reference for the Scaml template language. Scaml is a Scala version of Haml and is a very DRY template engine for generating HTML


Reference for the SSP template language. SSP is a Scala version of Velocity, JSP or Erb from Rails so its easy to pick up if you've used one of those and can be used to generate any textual output.


Not really a template language but Scuery provides a way to transform HTML using CSS3 selectors rather like jQuery which can be useful for transforming layouts or pages owned by a designer using a Scala DSL.

How to use Scalate with popular web frameworks