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Scalate Tool

Scalate Tool helps get you scalate-ing faster!

Scatate Tool is a handy command line tool for working with Scalate. It provides various features such as

Getting Started

Scalate Tool has the following requirements

To get started with the Scalate Tool you'll need to download and install it.

Using the Scalate Tool

Once you have installed the Scalate Tool via one of the above methods, you should be able to use the scalate executable on the command line.

The scalate tool supports a number of sub commands rather like git or svn. You can invoke a sub command directly such as

scalate run myTemplate.ssp

you can get a list of all the available sub commands via

scalate help

or to get help on a specific command you can type

scalate --help

or enter the Scalate interactive shell via


Once in the shell help will apppear to help guide you through the available commands. The shell supports tab completion rather like bash to help you execute the commands easily.